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Many guys who have once disvrigined a girl have described the process as stressful with the girl groaning in pain throughout the process.
The is because many of you guys are not well-experienced enough when it comes to breaking the hymen. You all just know how fvck hoes, you don’t know how to dig it 😂
You don’t have to make a girl loose her virginity in a very horrible way, there is a sure way you can break a girl’s virginity that she will enjoy it with less pain.
Follow the rules below and you will come back with a testimony.

Below Are Rules To Taking A Girl’s Virginity Without Pain & Stress

RULE 1:- Be careful not to expose yourself anyhow because your arousal and dick🍆 size might scare her. Most ladies find the first sight of a big erect pr!ck scary🙈.
If she see gboola, she might japaa oo 🏃. Even if she managed to go on with scaring mind, she will tighten and that will make the whole thing unpleasant😪
RULE 2:- A condom & sex oily lotion💧is necessary, make sure you masturbate your first round out before going on with this journey so it will be a smooth one for you too.
RULE 3:- Give her a nice massage and make her feel pampered😍. kiss those cute nipples & nibble them gently😇
RULE 4:- Kiss her on her tummy & she will moan😵, and then move very slowly downwards.
Remember she’s a virgin and every touch from you will make her body and soul to vibrate😌.
RULE 5:- Rub your nose gently on her clit and your tongue touching her drips💧 runway😉.
Then you run your fingers on her thigh. Oh my gosh, she’ll be shaking with her hands on your head😇
RULE 6:- Run your touch down her vaginal lips (that’s second heaven boy😻).
Get her pussy wet 🍑 with the sex lotion & then run your tongue through her pussy lips💋 awwwwwwn😵😵😵😵😵😵
RULE 7:- Gently open her lips with your fingers and lick her clitoris slowly😍. Take your time and suck out that mint flavor from the clit💧.
This is the most intimate part. Her juices💦 should be flowing as a virgin. You own that pussy already boy👊
RULE 8:- While using your tongue and your fingers to arouse her very gently. You will see her vaginal lips 🍑 swelling and they will also loosen.
She will definitely want more of you & the dick🍆
RULE 9:- Now is the time to gently position yourself between her legs. Carefully place your erect penis🍆 between her vaginal🍑 lips and apply very gentle pressure in and out.
The very first time, even if you go in an inch or less, that is good enough. Take it back & go again.
Keep repeating it again & again and trust me, it will be so boring😕 to you, but who cares🤷♀ she’s enjoying it & that’s all that matters😜
RULE 10:- Don’t force your way in. If you have really aroused her, she will enjoy the pressure of you going in little by little😻.
Big head don’t push it with force!! You will destroy her mood & everything that you’ve hustle for, ode oshiii😡
RULE 11:- After 30 mins of much work, you will be sure of 59% entrance and so you will breakthrough the HYMEN with a little sharp pain for her.
In some cases you will breakthrough it without even noticing. But surely, there will be a presence of blood to show she’s really a virgin💯
Try to end it by making her climax using your dick and if she is able to take your hard dick in for the first time, you can go all the way in.
RULE 12:- After all the long work, you’re probably going to cum💦 very quickly inside her, so if you don’t want her to get pregnant, use a condom because first time sperm into a lady can be very effective.
The End!!
Please be very patient and considerate!! She will thank you for it forever and still come back for more.

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