After the first case of coronavirus was detected in Nigeria. People have been peddling different unverified stories about the disease. Most of them have been sharing these unverified and scary stories via social media platforms like WhatsApp.

Individuals need to be careful about the kinds of information they expose themselves to. Most importantly, they should always investigate any information they get about this virus before acting on it or sharing it with others.

It should be recalled that during the ebola saga, people were misinformed that using salt water to bath and drinking salt water would treat the disease. Many Nigerians believed this rumour and some people reportedly died from drinking excessive salt water. It was later tagged as the: ‘Salt water bath saga’. The people who reportedly lost their lives, died because they believed a false story.

In situations like this :( the coronavirus pandemic), it is imperative to get your

information from a very reliable source that you can trust. We should learn how to filter any information we get concerning this novel virus because it has to do with our health.

Personally, I have come across some very funny stories on the internet about the virus. And these stories have the tendency to cause its receivers to panic.

Read some of these fake stories below:

1 ) WhatsApp broadcast message (It was sent to me via a group chat):

“Breaking News: Warning warning. Please nobody should be outside by midnight today, Lock up your door and window. Don’t leave your clothes or shoes outside Federal Government have announced the plans to spray chemicals on air tonight with private jet to protect the country because of the Coronavirus. Please be warn. Signs, Ministry of health. Please forward to family and friends.”

This kind of wrong information will make people panic for no reason. Some individuals that got this message might have packed their wet clothes for the fear of having them sprayed with chemicals. Please don’t fall for broadcast messages like this.

2) (Boadcast message on WhatsApp): The idea that chloroquine serves as ‘a vaccine’ against Coronavirus:

After the president of the United States of America gave a hint that Chloroquine may be able to cure the virus, some Nigerians took it upon themselves to ‘sensitize’ their freinds and family members. Some of them started sending messages to people.

One of the messages i saw reads: ‘Chloroquine can now cure Corona. It is advisable that you start using the drug now to prevent the virus.”

These message is clearly risking the lives of those who would practice what the content says. The message states that the individuals should take chloroquine to prevent the virus.

Pls don’t believe stories like this until they are verified by reliable media organizations and the Federal Government.

3) Another fake story I saw on Facebook is the funny idea that some have that the Coronavirus is a sign that rapture would soon take place: Really? I have actually seen some broadcast messages stating this assumption.

Read what the message contained below:

“This deadly virus is a sign that rapture will soon take place. Please make peace with your maker!”

Some people may be gullible enough to believe this statement. Pls don’t pay attention to this. Just take note of the precautionary measures as advised by the Federal Ministry of health and qualified doctors.

To be on a safe side, when it comes to getting information about health issues like this coronavirus, it is better to rely on credible media outfits. We should be weary of the fake stories that are on social media. The only information we should pay attention to are those that come from reliable sources like the Federal ministry of health.

Have you seen any funny assumption about the virus?

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