Good day my wonderful people.  We at FRESHBAZE Are pleased to announce this announcement to you all..

Today, I'm going to talk about cardro pro and other bank hacking software claimed to be working..

Cardro PRO like they said ,. -. Is a bank hacking tool which you can use to withdraw from any bank or account in Nigeria anonymously,  with just bvn and account details..

Well, I didn't say is impossible to withdraw using such details,. But when it comes to cardro pro, xdolte, xcaret100 and more,. Is totally fake , scam

Developers build it in scamming people base on activation code,. While some users who managed to get it use it to scam there follow scammers,

Well, there is no problem,. Since scammers are scamming scammers using scam tool..

Lol, I don't mean that online fraudulent activity is good , but when it comes to this point,. Please permit me to support it..

This is because, assuming this app is real, once the scammer get it...

He will do worst , and scamming is prohibited in Ñīgêrîa,

Now, let me discuss only cardro but, if you are wise enough,. You will understand that noon of them is working.

  Types cardro pro 

To show you how that this app is fake ..

So called cardro pro has different types of version and look..


Though we at freshbaze also sell this tools to people who are ready to get scammed without knowing the implications..

Please, if you buy this software from us, don't hold us responsible for any damages it cause you..

Because we sounds it as a warning.

Now.. think of it...

How can ordinary app that are not up to 3mb can hack a whole bank. ?

The bank doesn't have security ?

Likewise xcaret, xdolte and other tool.

But, if you think that this advise is not good enough,. We can also sell you the app

Call us on. 09036257401. 

This is what we tell our clients after payment..

"Gee... Well..

No need of lying for you again.
Base on my research..i found out that cardro pro is scam...

Scammers use it to scam there follow scammers..

Now listen... I don't have the code..

I was scammed 35,000 for v6.5. Without giving me the code..

I was scammed 10,000 for v6. Without giving me the code too..

I was scammed 12,000 for 8.5 with the code..

And 5,000 for xcaret100

Calculate all..

I have been scammed on this business..

That's why i said my money can't go like that...

I must make back my money before i stop..

Lemme disclose this to you..

If you need my help ..i might give you all this version for free or token..

De sell them..

Be making money till you recover your money x10..

Thanks for your cooperation..

If possible, create site for it...

I created that my site for my self..

You can pay me to create one for  you ..

Then. You start business...

There are many other ways to earn with site..

But I'm usually use it to sell my tool..

Thanks for your understanding..

I don't like blocking people..i love helping..

You will enjoy this if you start it..

Think about it..."

         Our aim is to stop this online scamming people are doing..

And to those who buy this app from us..

We do tell them to know is fake and let them know what to do

Please be wise and be guided...

Freshbaze cares..

A word is enough for the wise..

Even the software developers will scam you...

The reason why we at freshbaze start this selling business is...

The admin was scammed almost 100,000 for the sake of this fake tool..

And I make a research and see it is fake..

That's why I started and want to get back my money...

Please stay safe..