Have you heard about BOUNCENG  ?

Well.. BOUNCENG is an income investment platform which pays her user on monthly basis..

Just by sharing sponsor post to your Facebook account or page.

Interesting right. ?

Not just share and earn, they give you opportunity to refer your friend and earn from there.

Lets say you subscribe to standard (lowest subscription) (5,000)

You will earn N300 daily just to share post on your timeline..

300x30days = N9000

And you refer your 10 friends which is N800 each .

800x10 people = N8,000

So..N9,000+N8,000 = N17,000 .

Interesting right,. Which means. With just N5000, you can earn N17,000 and above on the system..

The facts is that they have fast responding customer service..

Which make it easier to report your problem to them anytime..

Oh.. you have N5000 right..

Now take the next step ..

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