‘Black Panther’ director says filming without Chadwick Boseman is ‘the hardest thing’

‘Black Panther’ director says filming without Chadwick Boseman is ‘the hardest thing

Director of Marvel flick Black Panther, Ryan Coogler is speaking about how the filming process is continuing will without Chadwick Boseman who died last year.

Coogler, 34, is currently working on the second installment of the Black Panther franchise and speaking on the podcast, Jemele Hill is Unbothered, he revealed how they will continue without the star.

"I'm still currently going through it,” he said speaking about grieving the loss of Boseman who died last year in August from colon cancer.

"One thing that I've learned in my short or long time on this Earth is that it's very difficult to have perspective on something while you're going through it,” he said.

“This is one of the more profound things that I've gone through in my life, having to be a part of keeping this project going without this particular person who is like the glue who held it together,” he continued.

"That said, you have a professional life, you've got a personal life. Personal life, I'm going to say that when you work in something that you love, those things blend, they come together. I'm trying to find a work-life balance.”

“But I'm not there yet, so this is without a question the hardest thing I've had to do in my professional life,” he said.

"This one hurts and stings, but it's also incredibly motivating.”

"I'm incredibly sad to lose him but I'm also incredibly motivated that I got to spend time with him. You spend your life hearing about people like him,” Coogler shared.

“For this individual, who is an ancestor now, I was there for it. It's such an incredible privilege that fills you up as much as it knocks you out. So often as Black people, we have to pick up the pieces after loss,” he added.