So what is this new earning and paying platform?

This time around you are not reading news, and those stuff!

We are dealing with Data riiiiiiiiiiiiiight here!

No one who uses a smartphone can live without data…so that’s the angle;

The CEO contacted my guy on Phone few days ago to let him know about this and I’m sure it’s going to make you a lot of cash if you are serious, and you’ll make good success because this one is very easy to promote.

So what is it?

It’s called Dataway!

This is the earning procedure:

Firstly, you have know, it’s a data vending platform where you can get access to a more affordable airtime and data purchase + other bill payment including electricity, cable TV like DSTV/GOTV, Internet subscription and other merchant products and services.

But come on, that’s not what interests me, I have no business with that for God’s sake.

I’m more interested in the earning opportunity;

Like how ?  can we earn with this?

These are the earning opportunities and they are really unique; I haven’t come across this type before, am so excited and it’s the reason am sharing this with you too so you can benefit from this but time. ..

πŸ‘‰ Access to reseller option to resell and make more profit.

1. Firstly, you will get access to 2gb on your first month subscription

2. There is an affiliate system which we are mainly focusing on and it’s 50%

Remember, registration fee is N2,000; this means that;

—- you will get N1,000 cash if you promote this (you’ll earn N1,000 per referral.

—- as if that is not enough, my goodness; they won’t stop at that N1,000 per referral, you’ll also be credited extra 1gb just from that referral alone (this makes you N1,000 from that referral, and also extra 1gb)

Now how do you see this? 10 people equals N10,000 and 10gb…

This is unlimited data for you and more cash…

And wait

Please and please wait; that’s not all!

Guess what?

Guess nah!

You can even resell that data you earned as bonus and bank your cash…you have friends both offline and on WhatsApp you can sell data to…

Data that you acquired for free o.

This calls for the reseller benefit:

You won’t just earn, you also have access to resell the data.

Just ask for the buyer’s MTN phone number and forward the data there through your Dataway dashboard.

πŸ‘‰ Access to top referral bonus monthly between ₦10,000 to ₦100,000

πŸ‘‰ Dataway gives more rewards including more bonus, giveaway cash, gadgets and home appliances to active and long time loyal subscribers from time to time.

πŸ‘‰ Access to 4000MB data upon renew for the second month subscription.

πŸ‘‰Access to 6000MB upon renew for the third-month subscription and beyond.

Remember; The referral PDF I promised will given to everyone who registers through me;

How to register right away and claim?

1. Click Here to Register for Dataway make sure my username “chideradera” is showing up there in your referral tab.

Fill in your correct details:

2. Make your payment via online payment or ePin your account will be activated immediately and you’ll be taken to your Dataway dashboard.

When all is done, you're good to go…

Also below is a short video showing the dashboard of Dataway and how it works:

Go Here to Register Now!!!

If you have questions message me via email, facebook or drop a comment here.

I’ll be sure to reply asap

Hold on! 

Am going to help you make even more money online.

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Below are the bonuses.

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8. Free-Access to Premium WordPress themes and plugins.

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and Finally:

13: You’ll get free access for a 1-on-1 meeting with me on Telegram where I’ll give you all of the assistance you need and answer whatever questions you may have.

WARNING: Act Fast and do not message me if you are not within the time limit.

Click Here to Register Now

Let me know when done so I can forward everything to you.

Summary and benefits of Dataway

– Subscription fee monthly ₦2,000

– Subscribers earns ₦1,000 referral commission + 1GB data bonus when they refer more subscriber to Dataway

– Subscribers will get an additional 1GB data bonus for inviting each subscriber to participate.

– Dataway offers a top referral monthly cash bonus between 10k to 100k

– Dataway offers more juicy rewards for active monthly subscribers, including cash bonuses, gadgets and home appliances giveaways.
This is what telecom companies won’t give you even when you have been active subscribing millions with them.

– Dataway gives access to cheap purchase of data/airtime and reselling, including other bill payment services. And lots more!

– Dataway 1GB data bundle on MTN is sold at the rate of 300 naira only, and  data bundles are valid for 30 days. Including cheaper and more affordable data subscriptions on other networks and bill payment services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to register/subscribe and get started on Dataway?
Subscription is ₦2,000 monthly, you can subscribe and make payment online or purchase subscription e-pin by making payment to the official account.

How long will it take to get data after purchase/request or subscription?
Delivery is almost instant after payment confirmation.

How can I check my data balance?
You can check your data balance using *461*4#

How much is the minimum commission withdrawal ?
You can withdraw your referral commission from ₦1,000 and above

How long will it take to get credited to bank account after withdrawal?
Payout process is almost instant. You will get credited within few minutes to 24 hours depending on transaction network.

Can I resell my data bonus and make more money?
Yes, you can resell your data or gift anyone. Just request to any number you wish and it will be credited within few minutes.

What if my subscription expires, can still buy airtime and data + other bill payment?
Yes. You can do other purchase and even refer other subscribers.

Is multiple account allowed?
Yes, anyone can register multiple accounts as they wish.

Can i register with different network sim card?
Yes, that is not an issue at all.

Want to get started?

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