SQR400 Flash Funds Software For Bank Account Flashing | MT 103 LOG

SQR400 Flash Funds Software For Bank Account Flashing | MT 103 LOG

The SQR400 Flash Funds Tool has long been the best First Grade Military Hacking tool for direct wire of funds to a targeted bank account. Some prospective users do not understand the difference between Fake bank Alert (Flash Funds Lite) and direct wire deposit (Flash Funds Pro). These terms are further explained below.

The SQR400 Flash Funds tool comes in two different versions;

  1. Flash Funds pro (MT103 Direct Deposit)
  2. Flash Funds Lite ( Fake Bank Alert )

The SQR400 Flash Funds pro | Fake Bank Alert Tool is a complete hacking tool and one of the most sort after bank hacking tool in recent times. Some features of the Flash Funds Pro tool are listed below

  1. Carding
  2. One Time Password (OTP) bypass
  3. MT103 Enabled Flashing

The SQR400 Flash Funds pro | Fake Bank Alert Tool is MT103 embedded. This means the Pro version functions just as your regular bank application does with intra/inter bank transfer. The difference is the fact that funds flashed with the Flash funds pro remains in the recipient account for a duration of 28 -34 days, depending on recipient bank firewall strength.

The funds can be transferred or withdrawn from the recipients account during the said period of 28- 34 days .

Note that if the funds flashed to the recipient account is transferred or withdrawn, the recipient account balance goes deficit after the above listed duration.

The Pro version also has the Credit card drain feature, this feature is termed Carding. This means with the Flash Funds Pro, you can wire out money from a victims Bank account with the use of either a credit or debit card connected to the targeted bank account.

Information required to perform a Credit/Debit card drain using the flash funds pro are listed below

  1. Card Number
  2. Card expiry date
  3. Cvv number (Located at the back of the card)

You do not in any way need access to the victims mobile number as the Flash Funds Pro is equipped with the brute OTP bypass feature.

Unlike the previous version, Flash Funds Pro V11.09 allows you to initiate a direct wire transfer of funds to a targeted bank account. The Flash Funds Lite V11.09 is used only for sending fake bank SMS alerts. Click HERE for details on the Flash Funds Lite V11.09. 

As with a typical bank transfer, the upgraded version of Flash Funds tool only requires the bank name, and account number.

The fact that “funds wired with this tool go directly to the clients account and build up to their balance” is one benefit of the Flash Funds Pro tool.

Below is a demo video of the SQR400 Flash Funds Pro

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